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Zetterberg Custom Homes & Remodeling

Building a new home can be very stressful and expensive.  We were asked by Zetterberg homes to interview a few of their clients.  

Here is one of their Stories.

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  1. Sam's Heart Fund Me Project
    This is Sam. He is 7 years old and is pure Joy. He needs another heart surgery and eventually a heart transplant. Here is his story.
  2. Big Web Machine
    Big Web Machine is a great way to showcase and verify small, as well as large businesses on the web. The owners asked us to get a few testimonials. Here is their story.
  3. A Church, a Mountain, and a Beach
    Filming a Wedding day is such an honor. To be a part of the beginning of a whole generation is more than just special, but absolutely sacred. Our favorite part is when the groom sees his bride for the first time. Nothing can compare to the emotion that is felt, even with the business of the day, they lock eyes and become one. re are highlights of 3 very different weddings that reveal, after months of planning, their dream has become real.
  4. Video Title 5
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Not just a food bank.  100% volunteer organization.  Hear how it started and the passion behind their story.